Q: The PMViewer init file format is quite complex. Is there an easy way to start?

A: Yes you can use the run_pm.sh bash script to generate and run the PMViewer
The basic usage is:
sh ./run_pm.sh snapmask_%04d SNAPNUMBER PARTICLE_TYPE
Assume you have Gadget-2 file format, with blocks HEAD,POS,RHO,U.
And your snapshots are: snap_001,snap_002,snap_003,snap_004
You can start:
sh ./run_pm.sh snap_%03d 1 0
This will visualize the Gas density. If you will press "g" it will read and dump a snapshots in the FRAMES/directory.
If you will place the precalculated density files snap_???_rho_1(for DM),snap_???_rho_2(for old stars),snap_???_rho_4(for young stars) in the same directory as snapshots, you can visualize different components:
sh ./run_pm.sh snap_%03d 1 1
Old Stars:
sh ./run_pm.sh snap_%03d 1 2
sh ./run_pm.sh snap_%03d 1 4

Q: I have a Dark Matter simulation performed with Gadget-2 code. How can I visualise this simulation?

A: If your out put is in the Gadget-2 file format, with blocks and labels, you can estimate the densities using Gad4Dens package which is based on Gadget-2 public code. It is generating the RHO and HSML in the single file which is directly detectable by PMViewer.

Q: The code is crashes?

A: Please send me the full output.

Q: I cannot compile the PMViewer with GLEW support?

A1: Sometimes the GLEW is installed in the system but it contains no developement headers.Please check the location of the glew.h.

A2: In early versions of the GLEW library the header file under the Linux contains little BUG. The fixed glew.h you can find in the:
directory. Please configure the PMViewer with:
./configure --with-glewprefix="where_is_pmviewer_source/"
the glew.h file should be in the: where_is_pmviewer_source/include/GL/ directory.

The BUG is following: in the glew.h in the line number 10700 there is unnecessary


That line needs to be commented out. The BUG currently is observed on Mandriva 9.2

Q: Which file formats are supported?

A: Currently PMViever requires the Gadget-2 format with block names. For the different particle type it requires different blocks:

        reads from file:snap_???
                   blocks: HEAD,POS,RHO,HSML,U
        reads from file:snap_???
                   blocks: HEAD,POS
              from file:snap_???_rho_1
                   blocks: HEAD,RHO1,H1
        reads from file:snap_???
                   blocks: HEAD,POS
              from file:snap_???_rho_2
                   blocks: HEAD,RHO2,H2

        reads from file:snap_???
                   blocks: HEAD,POS,AGE
              from file:snap_???_rho_4
                   blocks: HEAD,RHO4,H4

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