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The current version of the PMViewer is supporting only GADGET-2 format. The Gadget-2 format allows seeking and finding the data blocks by name. In the ini file the GADGET_TYPE parameter currently is unused. Internally it is always GADGET_TYPE=2. The file endianness is detected automatically.

The current 1.40 version supports GPU accelerated SPH mode using GLSL shaders. You can compile code with/or without that feature. If you have libGLEW installed you will be able to use the GPU accelerated mode. Without that feature in the SPH mode particle billboarding will be done on CPU which will slow down the rendering up to 100 times.

The point rendering modes are not affected by that option. The points are directly rendered by GPU using GL_LISTS.

Getting recent version.

Actually each release has its own name endings current version name is SPMViewer-1.40, where "S" is denotes that it is supporting 3D stereo modes.

To download SPMViewer please visit the

An alternative way to get the frequently updated version is SVN repository:
svn co pmviewer

Configure and install.

To cofigure please run:
./configure --prefix=INSTALLDIR or for a big amount of particles you can try GPU accelerated SPH particles by:
./configure --with-glew-prefix=GLEWPATH
eg if your glew.h is in the /mydir/install/include/gl/glew.h you should put GLEWPATH=/mydir/install
If you have no libGLEW library installed you can disable it:
./configure --disable-glew
Finaly to make and install:
make && make install

If you will get an error let me know.

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The PMViewer is
10 years old.
Happy Birthday!!!

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